Ma Mak Bar

?? Soi New Plaza, Pattaya
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Nice bar with free pool and toilet usage

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John Enstone
Reviewed Wed 2nd September 2015

I have been a customer at MA MAK BAR in Soi New Plaza over the last five years. I have always found it to be a place to have a quiet drink, play pool and spend time with the bar girls if I want to.

I was in Pattaya for the first two weeks of July this year, and on the first evening of my trip went along to the bar. I was greeted by most of the people who recognise me but one of the ladies who introduced herself as NAN latched on to me with the usual story that she has a three year old child and no money as Pattaya is quiet. One thing led to another, and I paid the bar fine for her, which went on for another three days.

After the four days, on the basis that I wasn't looking for I girlfriend, I fancied a change. I told NAN that I had enjoyed my time with her, but that I now wanted a new lady and I would not be paying bar fine for her again. At this she started shouting at me in Thai whilst gathering her things together. I then went with her to the hotel reception to get her ID card and she then shouted at me " YOU WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER ME, I GIVE YOU HIV" in front of all the hotel staff. I am at home now and will get the results of the blood test next week.

On this basis, I would not advise anyone to have sex with NAN. If she is HIV she should not be working bar. Furthermore if it was just said to worry me, I can only assume she is "ting tong" and needs psychiatric help.
Fast Eddie
Reviewed Wed 1st October 2014
Great bar lots of friendly customers. Friendly staff, well recommended!
Erich Bayer
Reviewed Sun 10th November 2013
I drank in this bar many times in september 2013,great bar and friendly and good staff,
Reviewed Fri 23rd November 2012
I often drink here. Very cheap, no hassle, winner stays on free pool, the staff are great and I love it.
Peter M
Reviewed Wed 3rd October 2012
Owner da very nice lady
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