V2O Ice Bar

Walking Street,Pattaya
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V2O Pattaya is an oasis of ultra cool and total chic in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street — a special place for the beautiful and hip who are looking for serious cocktails and ice bar vodka to fuel their fun.

With a commanding position on the corner of soi 15 on Walking Street, V2O is a cool and comfortable cocktail lounge that seats 40 and houses a uniquely designed -20 Vodka ice bar.

Fuelled by Stolichnaya, V2O’s drink selection is uncompromising in its ability to deliver unique and satisfying drinking experiences. And V2O’s team of skilled bartenders use only the free-pour rule.

It’s a simple concept, we pour hearty drinks, mixed with good intentions and inspired flavors — drinks with a taste you can feel. And for those that want the ultimate chill-down, step into our -20c ice bar for frosty shots of ice-cold vodka and discover V2O’s Cold Fusion.

V2O also plays music for those with serious taste… Sporting a world-class sound system, V2O nightly spins the “freshest mix” of chill-out, electro and house you’ll find anywhere in Pattaya.

Step into V2O, the cocktail oasis in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street…

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