Sapphire Gentlemen's Club

177/37-38 Soi 15 Walking Street

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Average Rating 4.7 (3 reviews)


Started by two lads from Ireland, Sapphire Club is that rare Pattaya go-go bar that appeals to both tourists and expats. With dozens of beautiful hostesses, choreographed shows, private party facilities and a group of amiable hosts, it’s show bar, party room and local watering hole all in one location on Walking Street’s Soi 15.

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Reviewed Mon 3rd December 2012
I have had many great nights here. The service staff were fantastic, I met some really nice girls who also happened to be gorgeous. They put on a few shows through the night, probably not quite to the standard of Angelwitch but they are good and keep things on stage interesting
Peter M
Reviewed Wed 21st November 2012
The girls are amazing. The 18 year old tiny beauty is my favorite (Besides the 3000 LT charge)
Reviewed Fri 5th October 2012
Great place with some very nice girls. Very clean and not seedy at all. They have a great variety of shows and good music.
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