Club Insomnia

110/2 Moo 10 Walking Street, Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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Average Rating 4.8 (5 reviews)


Firmly established and recognized as the outstanding entertainment venue in Thailand, Club Insomnia goes from strength to strength.

A stylish venue with awesome sound, amazing visuals and breathtaking light effects, Insomnia is the standard bearer for showcasing the latest lights and sound technology and the most upfront music in Thailand.

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Reviewed Sun 3rd April 2016
Top bar, club
Reviewed Tue 20th August 2013
Great place that picks up early in the morning.
Definitely the place to party away Til the sun comes up.
Buying by the bottle is the way to go!
Reviewed Mon 3rd December 2012
This is a great place to finish the night. From 1am until the sun comes up it's full of hot girls and good music to dance to. It's not cheap so don't expect beer bar prices. If you keep an eye out for the promo's you can save a few baht though.
Service is good and if you buy a bottle they will always find you a table.
Reviewed Sun 2nd December 2012
Spectacular nights out here. Rediculously hot girls buying me drinks, totally different than than the bar vibe, no pressure from mama-sans... no bar fines... seems like every one is out to have a good time. Lots of students and girls with day jobs looking to meet western guys. This is the place where the bar girls go when then get off work. Decent drink prices for a real nightclub, they'd rather you drank more than stung you for each drink which I appreciated. Awesome laser lights, cool tunes... must've been here 50+ times and never had a bad night.
Peter M
Reviewed Sun 2nd December 2012
I Cant fault insomnia much. The girls are HOT, the drinks are cheap if you purchase by the bottle, and the service is great.

Just watch your drink as there is some spiking going on!
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