Insomnia iBar

110/2 Moo 10 Walking Street, Pattaya, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
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The Insomnia iBar is the gateway to style and contemporary design in Walking Street, consisting of 2 distinctive zones - the bar and terrace, you can find your space to party with the crowd, or chill out on the bay.

The iBar plays a mixture of hip-hop, house and Thai music to ensure no musical taste is left wanting, our DJ's truly set the standards in their ability and musical knowledge, easily rivaling anywhere locally or Bangkok. We also host monthly guest spots for top names on the local and international circuit.

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 every Tuesday
Reviewed Sun 3rd April 2016
Top at ibar
Barry Honour
Reviewed Mon 10th August 2015
i found the music a bit loud and the girls very young !!! but hey im 59 wot would you expect ,,,
Reviewed Mon 3rd December 2012
I could easily come here every night. Actually, I think I did on my last trip. You can play pool (or just watch the girls play) or grab a table and smoke some shisha. With it being open to the water at the back it can be a cool place to sit when there is a storm off shore.
Drink prices are better than insomnia up stairs and there is a good selection of girls that are out for the night
Reviewed Fri 30th November 2012
My favourite bar in Pattaya. Gorgeous girls that are very friendly, always offering me drinks which is totally the opposite of every other bar in Pattaya. Drink prices were very good for a trendy bar, 1350baht a bottle of Finlandia with ice and mixers or a bottle of Jack Daniel's for 1680baht with Mixers and ice which is the best Jack price i've ever seen in a club or bar.

Absolutely mental 7 days a week. My favourite days are Sunday's and Tuesdays as there's just enough room to move without the weekend warriors, and 2-3 girls for every guy. Just get's crazy from about 1am so it's best to get a table before then.
Reviewed Wed 28th November 2012
Great place to chill out, drink and play some pool. Plenty of freelancers and pretty girls floating around too.
Peter M
Reviewed Fri 23rd November 2012
I went here 4 nights in a row last trip. The last time I returned him blind and woke up 13 hours later (possible spiking) however saying that the place is the most fun ever. Hot hot hot girls everywhere. Better than heaven?
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