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 every Saturday between 8:00 PM and 11:59 PM
Every Saturday night is Sexy Underwear Night

Come and see the guys in Funny Boys modelling the latest underwear designs. From...
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/17

 every Thursday
Whether you are a Fred housego or Fred Flintstone…We have questions for everyone. Come and enjoy Pattaya's Premier Quiz Night....
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/15

 every Thursday
Sapphire Club Thursdays
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/12

 every Tuesday
Pool competitions.

Extended Games
Extended Fun
Bigger Cash Prizes

Signup Starts 11pm
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/11

 every Monday
Hip Hop party.
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/11

 every Friday
PENS PARTY is the first theme party we want to present! If you bring your PEN from your office you can get a free shot. Just use...
Added by Mitch on 2012/12/08

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